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On the internet Watching For Pinoy TV

04/29/2014 14:03
Not able to watch your favourite Tagalog TV shows simply because you arrived home late coming from work or stumbled upon traffic on your way back? Maybe you have missed your preferred soap opera as a result of power interruption. Or you have work or perhaps you need to go away causing you to miss...

Timeless Joke

04/29/2014 09:05
This could be a timeless joke for me. Man! I can not quit laughing:   "What did one flea say to the other after a night out? Shall we walk home or take a dog?"

My First Post

04/28/2014 09:22
I thought I would quickly introduce my own self, I'm just a simple gentleman. You could know me from my work but it's also possible we have by no means connected previous to today. The reality is that I really enjoy many different forms of escapades, including chillin with my lady. Lmao, I...
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